Laser Free Tattoo Removal

 Southeastern Pennsylvania

Ex-Ink Studios is the leading Laser Free tattoo removal center in Southeastern PA.  Our business is dedicated to removing unwanted tattoos and  discreet tattoo services.


There are many different reasons why people decide to have their tattoos partially or completely removed.  Whatever your reason is, let us get you the results you are looking for.  Our transformational procedures remove unwanted tattoos.


We’re here to help you move forward with full confidence and no regrets. 

Take a look at our photo gallery to see a few tattoo removal transformations for yourself.


New Beginnings.  No Regrets.

We're proud to use more natural techniques to remove tattoosWe do not engage in laser removal, which uses the bodies lymphatic system for removal. We are all natural and acid free. We us the  bodies own external scab to remove the unwanted ink . 


Located in Pottstown, PA, Ex-Ink Studios is the top tattoo removal expert in the greater Philadelphia area. 


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